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Coffee & Cuttings

Plant Swap AKA “Coffee & Cuttings” will take place the first Saturday of each month from 10-2 at American Ice Co Cafe 62 W Main Street Westminster MD

Free admission to enter in this event, but we do encourage you to support local by purchasing a tasty fall drink as your “ticket for this event”, hence the name coffee and cuttings 🌱

Feel free to bring any size plant (indoor or outdoor), it does not have to be a cutting. It can be a potted plant, a rooted cutting, a fresh top cutting, seeds, etc. You can even bring some old pots/plant accessories you don’t want anymore! There are no limitations to what you can bring, or how much. However we do ask that you bring something tradable that is healthy, clean, and pest free. Bring something you would be excited to receive as a trade! It makes it much more fun. 

There will be a starter table of “freebie” plants if you are new to the world of gardening and need somewhere to start. This event is for all levels of plant friends, from beginners to rare collectors.

Now opening at 6 AM!

Stay warm on a cold winter morning- with our new hours, grab a hot AIC coffee and warm up before work, wherever you're going! 

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